in the studio

I live in a small windy village snaking between sea and bog on the west coast of Wales. My background is in Fine art, I completed my degree in Newcastle upon Tyne many years ago.

When asked to define myself I always say I am an artist/maker...suitable room for movement! I am in fact; printmaker, felt maker, painter, sculptor, photographer, stitcher, teacher, mother and cat lover... not necessarily in that order.

Having chosen a rural life, I find inspiration in the natural world around me; expansive skies, the ever changing colour of the sea, the jackdaws, rooks and crows that wheel around in the wind and perch in front of my house, long winter shadows on the hillsides, ivy berries in the hedgerows, bird foot prints in the sand... the pattern, colours and rhythms of nature.

I travel as much as I am able and the same, but different inform my work when away, with sketch book and camera never far from my side.

in action

My work and ideas are very varied but there are common threads that tie everything together; my love of fibre (currently wool fibre), a desire to evoke a smile and to create work that is aesthetically pleasing, colour, lots of that. I enjoy the challenges of making and the freedom of following my own paths... also you might notice lots of birds!

I believe in the power of creativity to make a difference both personally and politically. I feel a sense of responsibility as an artist to inform and communicate, to this end I also make work highlighting issues of today, climate change, plastic pollution and consumerism.

I exhibit at contemporary craft fairs and in galleries and teach regularly in the UK.

Please contact me if you have any queries about my work, desire a commission, would like me to teach a workshop or you are interested in collaboration, I am happy to help.

Thanks to Heather Birnie for the photos, and R&A Collaborations for the video.